Mountain Biking In The Midde Atlas Mountains

7 Days
Ride bike in the middle atlas mountains

mountain biking in the middle Atlas mountains

Explore  mountain biking the rugged beauty of the Middle Atlas Mountains on an exhilarating mountain biking tour. Here's what you can expect on this adventure:
  1. Scenic Trails: Ride through stunning landscapes characterized by lush forests, rugged terrain, and picturesque valleys. The Middle Atlas Mountains offer a diverse range of trails suitable for all skill levels, from gentle slopes to challenging descents.
  2. Cultural Immersion: Immerse yourself in the rich culture and traditions of the region as you pedal through Berber villages, encountering friendly locals along the way. Learn about traditional customs, architecture, and way of life in this remote mountainous region.
  3. Happy Valley Exploration: Discover the enchanting Happy Valley (Aït Bouguemez), a hidden gem nestled amidst the Middle Atlas Mountains. Marvel at the verdant fields, meandering rivers, and traditional mud-brick villages as you ride through this idyllic landscape.
  4. Zawit Ahansal: Journey through the scenic Zawit Ahansal region, known for its dramatic gorges, rugged cliffs, and cascading waterfalls. Challenge yourself with thrilling descents and exhilarating climbs while taking in the breathtaking scenery.
  5. Anergui Village: Explore the charming village of Anergui, perched high in the mountains and offering panoramic views of the surrounding peaks. Experience the warm hospitality of the locals and indulge in traditional Berber cuisine during a well-deserved break.
  6. Oughnin Peak: Ride mountain bike in  Oughnin area  in the Middle Atlas Mountains(virgin nature not bike traveled), on an epic mountain biking adventure. Enjoy sweeping vistas of the mountain range and revel in a sense of accomplishment as you reach the summit.
  7. Professional Guides: Benefit from the expertise of experienced guides who will lead you safely through the trails, offering insight into the local flora, fauna, and geography along the way. They'll ensure you have an unforgettable and rewarding mountain biking experience.
  8. Camping and Accommodation: Spend nights under the starry sky camping in scenic locations or stay in cozy guesthouses and mountain lodges, immersing yourself fully in the mountain biking adventure.
Embark on an unforgettable journey mountain biking through the Middle Atlas Mountains, where every twist and turn of the trail brings new adventures and breathtaking vistas. Whether you're a seasoned mountain biker or a novice looking for an adrenaline-filled escape, this tour promises an unforgettable experience amidst the natural beauty of Morocco's mountainous landscapes.


  • Discover by mountain bike Ouzoud water falls.Happy valey /AIT BOUGAMEZ s villages ,AHANSAL berber 's village,Cathedral rock ,Anergui gorges ,


Travel through beautiful Atlas Mountains, visit Ouzoud Waterfalls, and ride a mountain bike in the Ouzoud area to warm up your legs for a serious ride next day.

We will mountain biking (ride bike)in the Ouzoud region. The Ouzoud gorges and other landmarks in the mountains .meet generous indigenous Berber local people who have a reputation for good hospitality.

WE will ride mountain bike through all villages of AIT BOUGAMEZ,as well trails through bike trails and farms of apples ,pears (autumn season ,great snack during ride ,dont worry the farmers have a reputation with their generous hospitality) flat terrain, but we will at altitude of 2000m

Cute village ,nice mountain bike ride along the river of oued Ahansal ,lot trees ,sulfuric/hot water spring ,some steep hills good for the quadriceps ,we will arrive at Imsfrane village ,there is option to hike the cathedral rock

gorge with very little traveled by other people ,peaceful ,little bit technical ,and mountain bike carry on some times ,very timid berber community ,spend night at guest house or gite

LONG ride along the road with easy down hill ride with many stops to admire many peaks, mountains and landmarks

IF time allowed ;visit to AINASSERDOUN ,water cascades and castle than direction to your hotel or airport



  • -English speaking MTB mountain bike guide and cook
  • -Bike mechanic in case flat tire or other minor issues
  • --We provide mountain bikes MTB :CANNONDALE-MERIDA-TREK other brand well HELMETS
  • -All the meals during the ride + mineral water, coffee and tea(the guide leader is nutritionist ex world class athlete)
  • Comfortable accommodation
  • Excursion with local guide
  • Transportation from and to Marrakech or Casablanca


  • -Flight ticket
  • -Travel insurance
  • -Soft drink
  • -Tips and personal expenses

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Mountain Biking In The Midde Atlas Mountains